Being an Effective Leader

Let’s look at five keys to being an effective leader


Stay focused on the leadership results you want to create, and don’t get too attached to the methods used to achieve them. Emphasize the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals of your organization while building the capacity to reach them. Remain flexible, creative, and innovative. Avoid becoming stuck in bureaucracy, policies, and processes.


Always be yourself, so the people who work with you know what to expect from you and can rely on you in all circumstances. Authenticity builds and maintains trust.


Have the courage of your convictions and the courage to admit when you are wrong.


Know how to listen empathetically, validating others’ input. By doing so, you promote consensus building and build strong teams. Coach others to do the same to create a culture of inclusiveness. Be a great listener who can capitalize on the ideas of others and provide recognition for these ideas.


Know when to make critical decisions and when not to. Although you need to be focused, authentic, courageous, and empathetic, if you get the timing wrong on critical decisions, nothing may work. Move with appropriate speed. Know how to prioritize and teach your team to prioritize. Follow through in a timely manner to make sure things get done.


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